Official Yandex partner in Georgia

We are a reliable Yandex Taxi and Yandex Delivery partner and we give an opportunity to work as a taxi driver or a courier in Georgia.

Why do we have our reputation for being trustworthy and one of the best?

We assure you of scheduled wages without any delay, transferred from your Yandex balance to your bank card. You can also get your wages in cash. Our company offers quick agreement conclusion, training period for people with no work experience, 24/7 technical support, state-of-art technology, gifts and benefits. We have been successful in this field since 2018.

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  • 01. Learn the information on the website
  • 02. Fill in the registration form
  • 03. Start earning right away

We've been working since


How to start?

How to become a courier or a taxi driver

01. Choose a vacancy
Choose a vacancy in the menu "Start" and click on it. You will be sent to the page to fill in the registration form

02. Fill in your data
Fill in the required fields on the registration page, since this data is necessary for your registration in the Yandex system and successful log in the Yandex Pro app.

03. Download the app
Download Yandex Pro (Taximeter) for Android or iOS. You can follow or this to download the app

04. Waiting
Please mind, that we need some time to check all your data and register you in the system. Our manager will contact you and specify some details.

05. Launching the app
After the manager's call, sign up in the app using your phone number, which you previously filled in the registration form (You will be sent an SMS with a password)

06. Almost done
Examine the app's features. Go through the photo control of your documents in Yandex Pro app and take tariffs training and test according to the tariffs you have chosen earlier.
Now you can get down to work.

If you have any further question, feel free to contact us


  • 01. Choose a Vacancy
  • 02. Fill in the registration form
  • 03. Download the app
  • 04. Wait a little bit
  • 05. Introduce yourself to the Yandex pro app
  • 06. Start earning


Why can you feel secure and comfortable working with us?

High income

Up to 300 lari a month. Your earnings increase as you accomplish more deliveries


Benefits from the Service and the Park

Everything is accomplished with the app

You only need a mobile phone with the Internet access and some free time to start delivering orders.


Videos on how to use the app

In what cities is it possible to work in Georgia?

Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustami, Zugdidi

What is the income of a courier working at the Yandex Delivery partner company in Georgia?

It depends on the chosen tariff, your city and it may be influenced by the seasonality. In general, effectively working drivers and couriers earn up to 3000 lari a month


Any questions left?

You are not restricted to a car. If you are good enough at riding a bike or a scooter, you can use them while being on the corresponding tariff. 


Yes, it is. You can choose delivery time and delivery area yourself. Log in the app and get down to work, log off the app and enjoy your free time. It's up to you!


Yes, for sure. It is you who decide when to work and for how long. You can work on workdays or at the weekend, for just 1 hour or a full 8-hour shift or whatever. 


Uniform is not necessary. You can work in your casual clothes.


Don't worry, our staff are in touch with you until you clear eveyrthing out and feel confident.
You can also visit our office to get assistance.

We also have chats for each city so as you can talk to your colleagues or ask your questions to the support managers.


You are allowed to use any car in Delivery unlike in taxi. You have to be of age.
You can work in your casual clothes. Any phone, either Android or iOS based with the Internet access is suitable. The list of phones with their characteristics recommended by Yandex is available via the link .


Your car must be in a technically good condition and clean. You need to get a license. Click the link to check on a manufacture year, make and model appropriate for a particular tariff .