Do you want to work in your free time and earn good money?

➡️Become a courier of the “Cargo” tariff YandexGO - Yandex.Delivery together with the TADE::GO park

Come work with us!

👉We are looking for a cargo courier with our own car!
🔸Fast online or offline registration
🔸Fast every day payments (twice a day)
🔸Absolutely free work schedule
🔸Income up to 16GEL/hour
🔸Active couriers earn up to 2500 GEL/month

From you:
🔷One of two types of trucks:
Size M:
Dimensions of the cargo compartment, not less than:
Length - 160cm
Width - 100cm
Height - 90cm
Load capacity 300kg

Size S:
Dimensions of the cargo compartment, not less than:
Length - 260cm
Width - 130cm
Height - 150cm
Load capacity from 700kg
🔷Driving license of the appropriate category
🔷Free time to complete orders

Become part of our team!
📞Call the number: 

+995 511 776 677
+995 597 933 115
📱 Write to us: Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram


Imagine a scenario where your day is not confined to a cubicle, your sight not restricted to the artificial glare of a computer screen. Instead, you’re on the move, breathing in the city air, and greeting faces both familiar and new. That’s not a distant dream, but an immediate possibility when you embrace the role of a courier with the “Cargo” tariff by YandexGO - Yandex.Delivery alongside the dynamic fleet of TADE::GO.

The very essence of this opportunity is freedom – freedom to roam, to work flexibly, and to even ensnare your bank account with a steady flow of earnings. The lucrative world of parcel delivery beckons with its untapped potential for those who are swift, reliable, and enjoy being on the go.

By signing up with TADE::GO park, renowned for their robust and support-driven management style, you’re not just earning; you’re becoming part of an elite squad that thrives on timeliness and efficiency. The job as a courier isn’t merely about transporting packages from point A to B; it’s about being the unsung hero in someone’s day.

With TADE::GO park’s partnership with YandexGO - Yandex.Delivery “Cargo” tariff, you’d have access to an ecosystem designed for streamlined operations. Add to that a supportive team culture that fuels your ambitions with adequate resources for success – from technology-driven dispatch systems to an intuitive platform that makes every delivery seamless.

So why wait? Roll into this fast-growing sector where Работа курьером translates into both professional fulfilment and financial rewards. Step into the future of delivery services – where every package delivered is a milestone in your journey and every satisfied customer signature could well be an autograph for your dedication.

Enroll in TADE::GO today. Deliver tomorrow’s promise. Now.