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Owner scooter drivers are welcome!

🔸Fast online or offline registration
🔸Park work support 24/7
🔸Flexible working hours for you
🔸Everyday payments (twice a day)
🔸Special card for access to money in your YandeхPro Balance 24/7
🔸Opportunity for the most enthusiastic drivers to get up to 2500GEL per month
🔸Yandex bonus scheme

🔷Having own scooter or electric bike in possession
🔷Free time for work

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Have you ever pondered the thrill of zipping through the city, delivering smiles and satisfaction with every drop-off? Imagine becoming a vital part of someone’s day by joining the ranks of YandexGo Yandex.Delivery drivers, all with the unwavering support of TADE::GO’s fleet.

Picture this: Your scooter is more than just a vehicle; it’s your ticket to independence and earnings. As a “Курьер на собственном скутере,” you’re not just another face in the crowd. You’re an adventurer, navigating through bustling streets, meeting new people at every turn, becoming their hero as you hand over that eagerly awaited package.

What if I told you that the TADE::GO park offers an opportunity for you to be part of this thriving community? “Работа курьером” isn’t just a job; it’s an escapade wherein each delivery challenges your wit and grit. With TADE::GO, your journey as a courier promises not only earning potential but also growth - professional and personal.

Intrigued? Join YandexGo Yandex.Delivery through TADE::GO today. Grab your scooter keys and become someone’s mid-day miracle worker now! Your path to becoming a celebrated courier in this dynamic city awaits. Will you answer the call?

Every package delivered is a story told. What narrative will you craft on the vibrant streets of your town?