General questions

Аt this point in time you can work by courier in Tbilisi, Batumi, Zugdidi, Kutaisi and Rustavi

You can work as a courier on a VAN in Tbilisi.

You can work as a courier on a scooter in Tbilisi and Batumi.

Вакансия пеший курьер недоступна в Грузии.




At this point in time, you can work as a taxi driver in Tbilisi, Batumi, Zugdidi, Kutaisi and Rustavi




The car has no serious damage, it has 4 or more doors.

You can check whether your car is suitable for taxi rides on the Service website by following the link




Econom, Line, Comfort, Comfort+, Minivan. Specific tariffs available in each city.




It is possible to fulfill orders in the VAN tariff, for the transportation of things, on any VAN car, the year of manufacture, brand and model does not matter. It is important that the cargo hold corresponds to one of two parameters:

Type S

Length 170cm

Width 100 см

Heigh 90см

Max 300kg


Type S

Lenght 260см

Width 130 см

Heigh 150см

Max 700kg


If you plan to receive more orders, you can carry a loader with you for orders where the client asks for help in unloading/loading. Orders with loaders cost more.

Please note that according to the service rules, there must be one free seat for a passenger in the cabin.

Free time for loading - 10 minutes, for unloading - 10 minutes, then according to the taximeter.




  • Active couriers on scooters earn 11 GEL per hour
  • Active couriers with own cars earn 10 GEL per hour
  • Active couriers with VAN earn 7 GEL per hour
  • Active taxi drivers earn up to 15 GEL per hour



About payments

Payments are made automatically to your bank cards twice a day. Funds are debited from your balances in the YandexPro application and transferred to your cards.

We also use the payment system for payments, with it you can have constant access to the funds on your balance. The card is issued to you absolutely free of charge.

But there may be an individual payment schedule, at your request, for example, every week, every month. As you want.




Yes, you can receive payments in cash at the Tbilisi office. In other cities, unfortunately, it is not possible to receive cash.




Absolutely any card of the Bank (Georgia). You can also get a special card from us and have constant access to your balances in the YandexPro application.