If you want to have flexible hours and high earnings, join us!

🛵Become a YandexGo Yandex.Delivery car driver with TADE::GO !

Owner of any car drivers are welcome!

🔸Fast online or offline registration
🔸Park work support 24/7
🔸Flexible working hours for you
🔸Everyday payments (twice a day)
🔸Special card for access to money in your YandeхPro Balance 24/7
🔸Opportunity for the most enthusiastic drivers to get up to 2500GEL per month
🔸Yandex bonus scheme

🔷Having own car. Age of the car, model does not matter
🔷Free time for work

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Have you ever considered transforming your daily drive into a profitable venture? Imagine your car, not just as a means to get from A to B, but as a key that unlocks financial potential. Enter the TADE::GO fleet—a partnership that seamlessly integrates you with YandexGo and Yandex.Delivery services.

Curious? Let me paint a picture for you.

You, behind the wheel of your own vehicle, navigating the city as part of the dynamic парк TADE::GO. What does it bring to your life? Freedom, flexibility, and a steady income stream. It’s not just about being a driver; it’s about becoming an essential link in the chain of commerce, delivering goods and happiness to doorsteps.

Now let’s talk specifics—Courier in his car with Yandex isn’t just a job; it’s an entrepreneurial opportunity. TADE::GO provides the platform while your car provides the mobility. The result? You control your schedule, decide how much or little you want to work, and watch as your earnings grow.

We’ve seen this story unfold: An individual with the drive (pun intended) and his car steps into the role with TAFE::GO. They’re now more than just drivers; they’re their own bosses, customer service providers, and an integral part of a community that keeps the city buzzing.

Intrigued by the opportunity? The road ahead is filled with possibilities. Join TADE::GO now and steer your way to success with YandexGo and Yandex.Delivery. Your journey awaits!