Become a Yandex Go Delivery scooter courier!

🔷fast online or offline registration
🔷daily and instant payments (twice a day)
🔷scooter rental 26GEL/day
🔷absolutely free schedule
🔷daily Yandex Bonuses
🔷work in the TADE:: Go park
🔷0% commission for withdrawal of funds
🔷we give out a thermal box for work free of charge
🔷deposit 150 GEL
🔷having a license cat. A1

👋🏻active couriers earn up to 2500 GEL per month (18 GEL/hour)

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📞 Phone 568 904 764
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Are you seeking an exciting and dynamic job opportunity that offers flexibility and the chance to be out and about in the city? Consider joining the fleet of scooter couriers at Yandex Go Delivery! With the ever-expanding park of TADE::GO, you can be a part of a vibrant team delivering smiles and satisfaction across town.

Vacancy: Scooter Courier at Yandex Go

As a scooter courier with Yandex Go, your role is pivotal in connecting people with their needs swiftly and efficiently. Whether it’s delivering a hot meal from someone’s favorite restaurant or an urgent parcel, you’ll be at the heart of operations.

Why Choose the Role of a Courier on Company Scooters?

  • Adaptability: You choose when to work. Harness full control over your schedule, balancing work with personal life seamlessly.
  • Supportive Fleet: Joining TADE::GO means becoming part of a supportive community, with access to a well-maintained fleet that keeps you moving.
  • Competitive Earnings: Your hard work is met with fair compensation and potential bonuses, making this role not just fun but also rewarding.

Requirements for the Position

  • Enthusiasm and reliability.
  • Valid driving license for scooters.
  • Commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Embrace the position of a courier on company scooters today—enjoy flexibility, fresh air, and the satisfaction of making someone’s day, every day. Hop into this thrilling role where every delivery spells adventure and every completed order feels like achievement.

Apply now for this rewarding career path!

For further details on how you can join our capacious park TADE::GO as a scooter courier or to explore more about our vacancy for couriers at Yandex Go, please visit our website.